Become a Kitten Central Foster

If you are curious about fostering with Kitten Central, contact our foster coordinator [email protected]. LINK . Please include your name, email, address and phone number. Let us know what type of fostering you are interested in, and if you have previous experience. We will respond within the week.

Resources You Will Have

  • Supplies: Play pens, heating pads, heat disks, food, formula, bottles, medical supplies, carriers
  • 24/7 access to Kitten Central medical staff for questions
  • Foster Facebook group where people can post questions, pictures, and stories
  • Kitten Central’s medical care with vaccines, tests, and medication
  • Babysitting through our foster group, if you need temporary care for your litter


In addition to general care of your kittens, Kitten Central fosters are responsible for:


  • Providing non-clumping kitten litter
  • Weighing kittens frequently
  • Visiting Kitten Central for medical appointments every 2 weeks
  • Adoption photos for each kitten
  • Filling out a form to describe your kitten’s personality
  • Taking kittens to veterinary appointments as needed
  • Drop off kittens at Kitten Central for spay/neuter appointments
  • Sometimes retrieving kittens after spay/neuter
  • Sometimes transporting kittens to appropriate shelter for adoption


Kitten Central fosters are NOT responsible for:

  • Paying for food, medical supplies, medical care, etc
  • Bowls, beds, litterbox, and extra toys
  • Providing anything beyond the most basic medical care
  • Finding adopters

Things to Consider

Bottle Feeding

Kitten Central takes on the most vulnerable kittens. Because most kittens come in under the age of 4 weeks they require bottle feeding. The youngest kittens may require feeding every 2 hours through the day and night and help going to the bathroom. As kittens age, this time commitment lessens.



Kittens can bring diseases into your household. Kitten Central does its best, but often has no medical history on the kittens and many diseases take time to appear. Fosters must quarantine new litters of kittens for 2 weeks. This is best done in a spare room or bathroom where other household animals are not exposed to the kittens and vise versa.



We refer to the weaning period as ‘bath babies’. At 4-6 weeks, these babies require frequent bathing both of the messy food face and the back end, as they learn to eat. Diarrhea is common at this stage as transitioning from formula to food can cause some digestive upset.



Fosters must do homework to assist in kittens getting adopted. Each kitten requires a good quality photo and personalized descriptive form. This helps perspective adopters get matched with the right kitten. 



Kitten Central does not “own” the kittens we foster, we take care of them for partnering shelters. As such, we do not adopt out the kittens ourselves. If someone you know wants to adopt a kitten you are fostering, we can work with the shelter to arrange that, but cannot guarantee anything.

Foster parents are vital to saving the lives of young kittens. We could not do it without our foster parents.


If you would like to give fostering a try contact [email protected] LINK. Please include your name email address and phone number. Let us know what kind of population you are interested in fostering and if you have previous experience.


Thank YOU for helping us help the most vulnerable kittens.