What Kittens do You Have Up for Adoption?

Kitten Central doesn’t directly adopt out our kittens. We foster kittens for partner shelters, but the shelters process the adoption.

If you see kittens on our social media you are interested in, email [email protected]. We can help arrange an adoption with the rescue the kitten belongs to. All our kittens will be spayed / neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.


Where to find kittens to adopt:

Check out your local Petco / Petsmart, that’s where many rescues send their kittens when they are ready for adoption. Fall and summer are the seasons when most kittens are available for adoption. Here are some local rescues you can check out to find your new best friends:¬†

Psst... Did you know adopting two kittens together is better for you AND the kittens?

Cats are meant to be social creatures, but we only have so much time in the day to spend socializing with them. A second kitten is a 24/7 playmate and cuddle partner. Adopting in pairs ensures they always have someone (besides you) to pounce on at 4AM, and to socialize with while the humans are working.


Another kitten teaches how to play nicely without scratching or biting. A cat with a friend will be less needy and lonely, but will still love you just as much. Just like with people, it is healthier to have a social circle beyond one person. It can be hard to add a second animal later, which is why we recommend adopting as a pair to start with.