Found Kittens and Don't Know What to Do?

We can help you find an appropriate rescue program. Before calling us, consider these questions we will want to know:

Where are they?

Different shelters serve different areas. Depending on the city you have found them in, we may be able to take the kittens directly, or we may point you to the right shelter.

Do they have a mother?

Most “abandoned” kittens are not actually abandoned, but mom may be away getting food or hiding. If you’re able to, keep an eye on them for a bit to see if she returns. If they have a mother, is she friendly? Does she belong to somebody?

How old are they?

On the left is the picture of newborn kittens. On the right is a 4 week old kitten. How do the kittens you’ve found compare to them? Take a picture as close as you can get to them to send to us when you call. If you can, a picture of the inside of their mouth is the best way to determine a kitten’s age.

Are the kittens currently safe?

Are kittens in a warm home or on the side of a street? Do they have a mother? Do they look healthy and cared for?

How many are there?

How is their condition?

Do they look clean or dirty? Healthy and alert, or skinny and non-responsive?

Once you know the answer to these questions and have a picture please call (916) 645-2217 or text (916) 517-6342 and we will work with you to find a safe place for the kittens.