Affordable Spay and Neuter

Spaying and neutering cats is critical to stopping the flood of kittens born outdoors that end up euthanized in shelters. Kitten Central asks that you please spay and neuter your animals. If affordability is an issue please check out the resources below:

For your cat:

Organizations will help you get your cat spayed/neutered for under $50 or for free. They may also provide discounted vaccinations and other preventative services. These offers sometimes run only on certain days/times or may have a waitlist. Check back or search for others if they don’t have opportunities currently available.

For unowned, stray, or community cats:

In the TNR program,  community cats are Trapped, Neutered/spayed, and given preventative treatment, and returned to their home. This prevents new stray kittens from being born and protects the population from diseases. Cats who have been through TNR will have a missing ear tip. Many local resources help with TNR. They can help trap cats and spay neuter clinics are free for community cats on certain days. Check out: