Feeding, Weight & Health Charts

The easiest thing to use to track your kittens’ weights is a kitchen food scale set to display pounds and ounces. As of late, we have begun to weigh in grams so it is easier to detect weight gains and losses. Kittens from zero to two weeks old should be weighed twice a day and the weights recorded in a chart. After two weeks, weigh once a day. A sample weight recording chart is included as Appendix D. Feel free to copy and print it as needed or create your own. The important thing is to track their growth.

The following is a chart to show you the average normal weights for both male and female kittens. Your particular kittens may not fall exactly within the range shown, week after week; the important thing is to ensure that kittens are gaining roughly ¼ to ½ an ounce every day, or 1.75 to 3.5 ounces every week.

Kitten Weight & Health Chart

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